Tip-Top Tavern is located in downtown Zagreb, with address Gundulić street number 18. At the corner of Gundulić and Masaryk street and is a great place to observe life in Zagreb, to observe street life .

Probably because of this specific position and large windows was a favorite place of the greatest Croatian poet Tin Ujević (1940-1955).

With other members of the then literary, cultural and bohemian scene (Krleža, Cesarić, Mateša) led political - social and cultural debate..

Tin was bohemian at his time.
He spent hours and hours ... days and nights searching for the meaning of life, death and existence in general, right here in our Tavern ...
Portrait and circles of his verses on the wall of the inn are part of the pleasant atmosphere, where you can feel the breath of the past, and perhaps to understand the meaning of being ... a good glass of Croatian wine and the smell of homemade dishes.
Tip-Top Tavern known as Mud (Blato) was a famous meeting bohemians.
People who have renounced the orderly civil life to be dedicated to their ideals and beliefs, as in the case of Tina definitely was an art.

City of Zagreb is committed to the preservation of the spirit, the spirit of the people who remain true to yourself and your ideals, regardless of the current political turmoil, and the inn Tip-Top ranked in the Travel Guide City of Zagreb as one of the places you should visit.


Don’t go serving coffee to my suit, serve it to me.

Tin Ujević